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(EOTS8) Aftershock (Blood Never Lies)

A companion novel to Eye of the Storm.

Five years ago, after the death of her friend, Claire nurtured both an open wound and her friend's baby, Jasmine. She and Pete have brought her up as their own, but despite their love for their adopted daughter, fate's about to test the foundations they've built. When a boy is hurt, Jasmine's terrible legacy threatens to be revealed. Can you ever escape what you truly are? Blood never lies.

First Edition, ISBN 9780957540484


"Aftershock is filled with so much emotion and love. Dianna knows how to create characters that just jump off the page at you and make you feel so much for these characters and makes you feel what they feel." - 5 stars, Nancy at The Avid Reader

Note: Signed books will contain the author's signature, but will not hold a customised message.

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