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(OTT2) Summer's End, by Dianna Hardy

Pippa knew her life all but ended seven months ago when she answered the phone call no one ever wants to receive: her husband had been in a fatal car accident. Struggling to bring up her three kids, she finds herself turning to Jimmy, her younger brother's best friend. He has his own crosses to bear, but his long-held torch for Pippa never went out. All they need to do, is take a leap of faith...

First Edition, second reprint, ISBN 9780957540453


"My heart broke at every set back and flew at every hope and joy." - Book Reviews by Lynn, 5 stars.

"All the characters in this series could very well be your next door neighbours, friends, or even relatives; their stories could happen, and their reactions are so real. And that is what I love about these stories; they are raw and so very real, and filled with hope." - Elizabeth Morgan (author), 5 stars.

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