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(EOTS5) Rise of the Wolf (Eye of the Storm 5), by Dianna Hardy

The bond between the mated four is stronger than ever; a future worth fighting for is within reach... As the moon begins to wax once more, long-awaited answers finally start to surface for our Surrey wolves, but they may come too late. The Trident have a new leader – one who will do anything to survive. And the knowledge one old woman harbours could be enough to destroy everything.

International bestselling dark fantasy series.
Second Edition, ISBN 9781916840058

Note: Signed books will contain the author's signature, but will not hold a customised message.


★★★★★ "Eye Of The Storm Series has been unlike any books I have ever read. This has been the most amazing series of its kind ever." - The Avid Reader

★★★★★ "This series has it all: heart-pounding romance, action, man-made beasts, folklore, super hot sex scenes, humour, and magic." - Elizabeth Morgan, romance and fantasy author

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