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A Silver Kiss (Vampire Poetry), by Dianna Hardy

A dark and daring addition to the literary world of vampirism, this is a collection of rhyming and freestyle poetry that explores the often taboo themes of power, possession and seduction. Emotionally charging, each poem is written from a different perspective, be it the hunter or the hunted and inspires a deeper look into the psychology of the human mind and the darker aspects of human relationships and society.

25 poem collection - also suitable for performance poetry - available as an eBook or in a slim, pocket sized paperback.

Second Ed., Pocketbook, ISBN 9780957540446 | 80 pages


“It takes a level of skill to cause a reaction in your readers, and Hardy has that down.”

“Beautifully written and magical.”

“If you are looking for something different, love poetry, or love vampire lore this book is definitely worth a read.”

Note: Signed books will contain the author's signature, but will not hold a customised message.

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