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(EOTS3) Heart of the Wolf (Eye of the Storm #3), by Dianna Hardy

Lydia grows closer to her three mates, but with unrest all around, she struggles to keep her wolves together. Ryan takes a trip back home, but at what cost? Lawrence is encouraged to return as Alpha, but no one knows his secret - can he protect his pack? Meanwhile, in Egypt, Amil is pitting himself against his inner-beast to find salvation, only to realise much more is at stake than his soul.

International bestselling dark fantasy series.
Second Edition, ISBN 9781916840034

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★★★★★ " and raw and brilliantly written." - Samantha at Passionate About Books

★★★★★ "...forget what you know about Werewolves and go in with an open-mind, because the world building, history, myths and dynamics of this series and its characters is just fabulous." - Elizabeth Morgan, paranormal romance author

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