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Between Fire & Ice is our new imprint and in an early experimental phase. We currently publish private publications in the spiritual wellness sector, publish and print courses, and sometimes card decks and books. Currently, we have - only available privately - a short guide for using Bach Flower Remedies, a Lenormand card deck, and Angel oracle card deck, and are working on the creation of The Witching Pen Tarot.

We are in no rush to grow, taking our time to find our feet. We do not have our own website, but are contactable through Bitten Fruit Books, or at 


Our Logo

When heart and mind unite, you reach the centre of your being. ​From here, all magic is born.

Ice represents the mind and sharp intellect; fire represents the passions and desires of the heart. Ice represents logic and thought; fire represents deep "knowing" and feelings.

Our eight-pointed snowflake is an impossibility (snowflakes can only ever have six points). The impossible can be reached when you combine heart and mind, and our unique snowflake is symbolic of the impossible, the hidden, the secrets yet to find or remember.

While the snowflake represents hidden, infinite knowledge, our skull represents the present, real-time knowledge of awareness, its tendrils - our senses - reaching back from our hearts to the recesses of our mind to bring it forward into our current desires.

The fusion of the two symbolises immortality of the soul, and remembrance of all wisdom - it is our TRUE selves. From here we are masters of our fate. From here, we stand at the gateway to the Otherworld.

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