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Our 2024 Publisher Catalogue is nearly finished. If you are interested in a copy, ping us your interest via our Contact Form page and we will email you a copy once done. Thanks!

Booksellers: Buying our paperbacks

Bitten Fruit Books is listed as a publisher with Nielsens and MBV, therefore all of our titles feed into Gardners system. This means booksellers around the world can order our paperbacks from Gardners as well as directly from us. (Our eBooks - see below - are also listed with Gardners through Smashwords / Draft2Digital.)

We offer two options for ordering from us:

  1. If ordering straight through your usual online catalogue (Gardners, Ingram, etc) which is ideal for single customer orders or if you simply want to trial our books with your customers) we offer a 35%-50% discount with no returns, depending on which distribution service we are using.
  2. If you set up a wholesale account directly with us, we will always discount at 50% on a sale or return basis, or on consignment. We do recommend working directly with us if you are going to stock our books on a regular basis. We will also do everything we can to help you sell our books, from sending you promotional items like bookmarks, to holding author talks and signings whether in person or online - contact us any time about arranging this.

For booksellers based around South Hampshire (U.K.) we can arrange a book rep (or Dianna Hardy herself) to come and talk to you about the books, writing style, story arcs, and the readers they will appeal to.

All distribution and wholesale queries can be emailed directly to

A CIP Record for the following in-print books is available from the British Library:

  • Blood Shadow
  • Aftershock
  • The Spell of Summer
  • Summer's End
  • Saving Eve
  • A Silver Kiss (Vampire Poetry)
  • Broken Lights 

and to come...

  • all six volumes of the Eye of the Storm series
  • all four volumes of The Witching Pen series



We distribute our eBooks directly to a few retail platforms, and we also distribute through Smashwords / Draft2Digital. Our eBooks are listed at Gardners and you can currently find all of our titles available across all permitted Amazon (Kindle) stores, Google Play, Kobo, and Apple. You will find most or some of our titles on Nook, Scribd, etc. Retailers may be selective in which of our titles they choose to sell. We fight to have ALL of our titles shown, but sometimes, this is beyond our control. Most large eBooks retailers have eReader Apps that allow you to read their books on your PC, Macbook, or phone, so you should be able to read any of our titles with little effort, even if your chosen platform does not sell the one you want.

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