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(EOTS4) Return of the Wolf (Eye of the Storm 4), by Dianna Hardy


The full moon has been and gone. Ryan's old pack from Wiltshire have ensured the Surrey pack's immediate safety from The Trident, but what will they demand in return for their protection? As Ryan battles with his own past, Lydia and Lawrence heal old wounds, Selena desperately tries to keep herself intact under Gabriel's cruelty, and Sarah has some tough choices to make.

International bestselling dark fantasy series.
Second Edition, ISBN 9781916840041

Note: Signed books will contain the author's signature, but will not hold a customised message.


★★★★★ "Dianna knows how to take words and wrap them around your heart. She will have you crying one minute and laughing the next. Oh and once in a while she will have you cussing out some of the characters and wanting to beat the s**t out of them." - The Avid Reader

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